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Living at Home

Liftmann is very aware that basic mobility is a very important part of living in one"s own home. If for some reason, whether through age or some other condition, this mobility is restricted, then life can become unbearable. To help overcome this and aid mobility around the home, Liftmann offer a vast range of products from various manufacturers, all designed to make life easier.

stairlift stairlift


We supply and install straight or curved stairlifts from the major manufacturers that will effortlessly transport the user up and down stairs at the touch of a button, whether the stairs are inside or outside the house. We have no dedicated sales people. Our trained engineers are fully aware of the capabilities of the stairlifts we offer, and will call at a convenient time to discuss the operation of the stairlift and give advice as to the best solutions. Indeed it is most likely that the engineer who gives the advice will be the same engineer who fits the new stairlift. We believe that a single point of contact is best for all concerned and that a sales person who relies on commission is unlikely to give proper unbiased advice.

Once installed we try and send the same engineer on each service visit giving the customer comfort in knowing who is working in their house. We try to carry out the installations with minimum inconvenience to the customer. On completion the stairs are left clean and tidy. We demonstrate the workings of the lift to the customer and leave only when the customer is satisfied with the installation. There may be occasions when, for whatever reason, a client or a relative may need a further demonstration. We are always happy to accommodate this.

We keep a record of all our installations and when a service is due we will contact the customer advising them that the stairlift is due its service and arrange a convenient date for this to be done.

After we have completed the service we provide a service report that indicates what has been checked, any adjustments that have been made to the stairlift and areas that require attention. A quotation for any work required will accompany this report.

There will be occasions when mobility is more heavily impaired and the client is wheelchair bound. We are also able to supply and install curved and straight staircase wheelchair lifts that give increased mobility and thus more independence.

All the products we supply are guaranteed and backed by a service and maintenance schedule

Bath Bliss Aegian Reclined


Due to baths being of different size and shape we offer a no obligation demonstration. One of our engineers will call at your home at a mutually convenient time and will demonstrate the bathlifts we offer to find the most suitable type for you.

The bathlifts we offer are the inflatable cushion type which is ideal for the user with slightly impaired mobility, or the electric (low voltage battery) type that lifts the user in and out of the bath for those with greater impairment. We have numerous suppliers of bathlifts so finding the best option is not be a problem.

Once selection has been made we will supply a full quotation. Upon delivery of the bathlift to our offices we will call to make an appointment for installation at which time the bathlift will be re-demonstrated. All the products we supply are guaranteed.

mobility scooter wheelchair mobility-scooter

Increased Mobility

To further increase mobility we offer various vehicles. These vehicles range from basic wheelchairs through to 8mph, 30 mile range scooters suitable for road use. Between these two are the smaller collapsible scooters that may be stowed in the back of a car and used not only around the home but also on shopping expeditions.

To make sure we only offer you the correct type of scooter, we will come to your local area to demonstrate the scooter on offer. It is our aim to make you as mobile as possible. With this in mind we will escort you around your local area following your normal routes to ensure that you and the machine selected can cope with the terrain. This free demonstration also enables the user to become familiar to the controls.

To assist attendants and carers, we offer the TGA Power pack. This simply clips to a standard wheelchair and gives the attendants assistance, especially when pushing the wheelchair up hills. The controls are simple and straightforward to use. When not required the wheelchair can be used normally.

All the products we supply are guaranteed and backed by a service and maintenance schedule.

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