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Passenger & Goods Lifts

Preventative Maintenance

Peace of mind is a key issue for the operator or owner of a lift. They must know that the engineers attending to their lift are fully trained and conversant with its operation.

At Liftmann we offer a quality service and maintenance programme tailored to meet the needs of each specific application taking into account items such as the type of traffic and the frequency of use.

We offer scheduled preventative maintenance visits and submit service reports indicating areas that have been checked, and areas that need immediate or future attention. When time allows and when parts are available some adjustments can be made during the service visit. With every service report we send either estimated costs or quotations for repairs required. The customer can be sure that when they accept our quotation, the work will be carried out correctly with minimal lift down time.

Further to the routine maintenance schedule, we carry out Supplementary Tests where required. For the customers information the due dates of the Annual Examinations are listed on each service report.

Liftmann are happy that our customers feel safe in the knowledge that we provide a very responsive 24 hour 365 day a year emergency call service.

New Lift Installation

Liftmann offers assistance and advice in the designing of new Passenger or Goods lift packages. We are able to supply any lift from a small 25kg letter lift up to a 4000kg car park lift. All our lifts, dependent on their particular application, are available with Electric Traction or Electro Hydraulic drive forms and may be configured for private or commercial use.

Where space is at a premium we are able to offer a machine room-less lift where all of the machinery, both mechanical and electrical, associated with the lift is contained within the lift shaft itself.

Liftmann prides itself on completing all installations promptly with minimum disruption to the surrounding areas and the buildings occupants. We set up and maintain a constant dialogue with any building contractors or other interested parties, to ensure the works run as smoothly as possible at all stages.

On completion, installations are subject to the required commissioning tests, including full load safety tests and a certificate is issued to the client.

As part of the initial design process Liftmann is able to offer advice on the best solutions to achieve compliance with the latest DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) regulations.

We also offer inclined wheelchair lifts, platform lifts and ramping systems to help in meeting the DDA regulations. We at Liftmann strive to attain 100% customer satisfaction and all of our clients can be assured of our best attention at all times.

Lift Refurbishment

There are occasions when a new lift installation is not possible. This may be due to the physical constraints of the building, or other reasons such as the length of time the lift will be out of service. On these occasions our design engineers will look at and advise on the possibility of refurbishing the existing lift.

Dependent upon the constraint that is faced we will formulate a programme of refurbishment to suit. This programme will be based on the findings of a survey which will identify the parts of the lift that need changing. This could include all parts of the lift including motors, gearboxes, door operators and control systems. It may be possible to carry out works on the lift at times of day when the lift sees little use, with the lift being returned to service at peak times.

Our total refurbishment package includes for the replacement of all parts of the installation with the exception of the car frame and the guide rails.

We are able to offer cosmetic upgrades to lift car interiors, from basic laminates to hardwood finishes with elaborate mouldings, and the inclusion of mirrors. The possibilities are endless and our engineers will advise on the most favourable options, bearing in mind any weight penalty that may occur as a result of any new finishes being applied.

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