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A Sunrise Hoist Sunrise Track System

Moving and Handling

Sometimes with severely disabled, assistance is needed to help dress, bathe and generally move around the house.  Liftmann offer a range of manual or eclectically operated hoists, which may be either static or, for added versatility, mobile allowing carers to move the hoist to different locations within a dwelling thus giving assistance for many different functions.

For even more versatility we offer a range of hoists that are mounted to a ceiling run track system.  These types of lift are particularly useful for the most severely disabled and more elderly, giving much easier movement from room to room.  With a manual or static hoist movement of the disabled from one room to another may involve the use of two or more hoists and a wheelchair, causing significant stress to both the user and the carer.  With a track mounted hoist this stress is reduced to a minimum with the move being carried out in a single operation.  Liftmann recognise the importance of good health for carers, for without them many disabled people would be unable to live at home.


Turny Orbit Fitted in Peugeot 1007

Private Vehicle Access

Being able to travel by car can be a significant problem for the elderly or those people with physical disability. Liftmann are able to offer various aids to make access to and from the household vehicle easier. These aids range from manual and electrically operated rotating seats, that may be fitted as a direct replacement of the standard seat, to electrically operated hoists which can be used to lift and stow items such as wheelchairs and scooters as an aid to carers. Our engineers will be happy to inspect your vehicle and advise on suitable aids that may be fitted to it

Ambulance and Bus Access

Ambulance and Bus Access

Liftmann engineers have attended training courses covering the installation and maintenance of ramps, lifts and side steps as fitted to various types of vehicles used for the transportation of disabled people. We offer an assured service that can be relied on to maintain these units in the best possible condition at all times. However in the event of an unforeseen equipment failure, we are happy to respond 24 hours a day 365 days a year for our valued contract clients.

Commerical Vehicle Access

Commercial Vehicle Access

Similar in many ways to the equipment fitted to ambulances and mobility buses, commercial vehicle tail lifts are another product that we are able to service and maintain in line with the manufacturers' requirements. Again our engineers have attained certification from various tail lift manufacturers allowing you to be rest assured that your vehicle is in very safe and capable hands.

Garage Lifts

Garage Equipment

With Ian"s garage mechanic background he realises the importance of having strong reliable ramps and hoists fitted in garage workshops, not only for the health and safety of the mechanics using the equipment, but also for employers who lose significant business opportunities if a ramp or hoist suffers a breakdown. With this in mind Liftmann are able to offer a complete range of new hoists, 2 and 4 poster ramps all of which we are able to install and test in line with the requirements of LOLER.. We are also able to offer a range of service contracts, that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of a particular garage. We would be happy to visit any premises on the island to assess the needs and offer the right contract.

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